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Welcome to Ukama Gallery

Ukama Gallery opened its doors on Granville Island in February 2015. Specializing in original stone sculpture, the gallery represents over 200 highly skilled emerging and world-renowned artists from Zimbabwe. Working with local partners, each unique work of art is personally selected with an eye towards capturing the remarkable variety of styles that flourish in an artistic community that ranges across the country, from well-established artist communities and co-operatives, to the many hard-to-reach rural areas. In this way, the Ukama Gallery collection is curated to convey a real sense of the important contribution that Zimbabwean sculptors are making to modern art.

Complementing the sculpture collection are painted naturescapes and mixed media artwork from both local and international artists.

Ukama is a Shona word that is used to describe the close personal relationships that unify an extended family. We chose the name Ukama for our gallery because we hope that these beautiful works of art will help to foster individual relationships with Africa, a sense of involvement rather than detached appreciation.

Our website exhibits only a select few of our featured pieces. Ukama Gallery has hundreds of sculptures and paintings at the gallery, with new pieces coming all the time. Please inquire if you are interested in seeing more.

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Our Artists


  • Dominic Benhura - Zimbabwe
  • Witness Bonjisi - Zimbabwe
  • Chenjerai Chiripanyanga - Zimbabwe
  • Rearson Chiwawa - Zimbabwe
  • Rutendo Dodzo - Zimbabwe
  • Tizirai Gumbere - Zimbabwe
  • Everisto Kakweza - Zimbabwe
  • Tawanda Kapusi - Zimbabwe
  • Wellington Karuru (late) - Zimbabwe
  • Samson Kavenguwa - Zimbabwe
  • Phillip Kaviya - Zimbabwe
  • Brighton Layson - Zimbabwe
  • Josiah Manzi - Zimbabwe
  • Benjamin Mashaya - Zimbabwe
  • Givemore Mashaya - Zimbabwe
  • David Mashoko - Zimbabwe
  • Goodson Mlera - Zimbabwe
  • Sylvester Mubayi - Zimbabwe
  • Obert Mukumbi - Zimbabwe
  • Kennedy Musekiwa - Zimbabwe
  • Gregory Mutasa - Zimbabwe
  • Joe Mutasa - Zimbabwe
  • Peter Mutize - Zimbabwe
  • Tawanda Ngandu - Zimbabwe
  • David White - Zimbabwe


  • Karen Bagayawa - Vancouver, B.C.
  • Lil Chrzan - West Vancouver, B.C.
  • Catherine Gerus - Vancouver, B.C.
  • Monica Gewurz - Vancouver, B.C.
  • Kindrie Grove - Okanagan, B.C.
  • Johanne Hemond - Victoria, B.C.
  • Gigi Hoeller - Half Moon Bay, B.C.
  • Russell Kereama - Brisbane, Australia
  • Nicola Morgan - Salt Spring Island, B.C.
  • April Ponsford - Victoria, B.C.
  • Halin de Repentigny - Dawson City, Yukon
  • Thibault Sendra - Vancouver, B.C.
  • Jason York - Vancouver, B.C.

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NOW OPEN ON Granville Island

1802 Maritime Mews
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Interested in the Ukama Gallery collection and upcoming events? Please feel free to contact us below:
open daily 11 – 5 pm, Saturday 10 - 6 pm and Sunday 10 - 5 pm